February 23, 2017

We have all been there. Long layovers, even longer overseas flights, your skin is dry and your mind is hazy! You arrive in your new destination feeling like no copious amounts of coffee could appease your hangry, bitchy exhaustion. Well here you will find a few tips to help you treat yo self to a more pleasant travel experience so you can arrive being that instagram worthy queen you dreamt yourself to be for months while planning this trip. 

1.) Book Your Seat Ahead of Time

Praise the Lord for technology! Now we have the wonderful ability to choose a seat on the aircraft for free!...

January 26, 2017

I wrote this post a while back for a digital media class I took in college and thought it was still a good one! Hopefully you think so too....

As Austin continues to rapidly grow more and more people are not only moving here, but are choosing Austin as a vacation destination. As Austinites this means that your couch will most likely be the new bed and breakfast of choice among friends and family members. Because they are relying solely on your expertise to make the most out of their vacation, the question is where and what should you take them to do so that you can prove that you real...

January 24, 2017

As we drove around all I could do was picture myself in one of the waterfront bungalows sipping tea in the colorful garden and whale watching from my back porch. If you are looking for a quiet, happy little getaway you should definitely come to Victoria.

December 28, 2016

So you are scrolling through your instagram feed and it is filled with stunning pictures from dream destinations. You get this pit feeling in the bottom of your stomach that is telling you that it should be the back of your beautiful head fronting these incredible landscapes. You are thinking about your two part-time jobs that you have just to make ends meet and these trips just seem completely out of reach. 

Well dude....I've been there! I understand! Everyone your entire life has lead you to believe that travel is ridiculously expensive! While it is definitely way too easy...

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Hi I'm Eva! and I am one of those crazy people that always talks about traveling and following their dream. I believe that everybody should have the chance to travel and explore this incredible planet and the many cultures that make it up. Whether you are planning your next adventure or you just want a chance to explore from the comfort of your couch, this is the place for you!

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After two weeks of fun, I'm saying adios Florida! Back to Texas we go!! It's been an amazing trip!!
Ketchikan, Alaska!! Such a cute little town!! #Alaska2015 #alaskacruise #TravelLife
It feels good to be lost in the right direction #Alaska2015 #alaskacruise #TravelLife
There is something magical about New Orleans that I will never quite understand 🎷🎶🎭 #travel #NOLA
Yummmmm 🍅🍈🍍🍒🍓🍎🍉🍆🌽🍋🍏🍐🍋🍠🍇🍌🍑 #PikePlaceMarket #Seattle #Fresh #InLove
Wanting to go back to New Orleans today!! 🎷🎻🎶🍻 #latergram #GoodMusic #StreetMusicians #Travel #b
Missing the beauty of Alaska #oneyearago #alaska #travel #travellife #exploringtheglobe
Looking through old pictures and videos makes me want to take another road trip! Who wants to go_ 🚗
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!....oh wait..
Let's go to the beach beach #Florida #RosemaryBeach #30A #travellife
Longing for another beautiful sunset like this one! Looking through old pictures makes me want to tr