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My Family Vacation to the Sierra Nevadas

Every summer my family and I go on our annual family vacation. It is usually centered around the location of The National Down Syndrome Convention and this year it was in Sacramento! This meant that it was a good base to do a little exploring. So we created our itinerary and decided to go to Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite. I did not end up taking many photos at the actual convention in Sacramento, but this post is mainly about our trip to these other three GORGEOUS places that you definitely must see for yourself!

Lake Tahoe

First off...Tahoe is crazy expensive. Gas is expensive, accommodation is expensive, food is expensive...the list goes on and on...If you have a lot of people splitting the cost this is no big deal, but for a family of 4 we decided to take the cheaper route and stay in Reno, Nevada. The drive is about 45 minutes, but the money being saved made it worth it. The most picturesque thing we did is go hiking up the Eagle Falls trail up to the beautiful eagle lake! It is a pretty easy 2 hour hike (my sister had a meltdown & it took us way longer....but what can you do?) and I took a MILLION photos. It was so hard only picking the few I put on here.

Mammoth Lakes

This is the hidden jewel of the Sierra Nevada's in my opinion. For some reason it never gets talked about? It is only an hour away from Yosemite National park and you get to explore the gorgeous scenery without the insane crowds that you find at Yosemite. Honestly the photos speak for themselves....