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Once upon a time there was a little girl born in Houston, Texas....born into a world that was so evidently made up of many different cultures. Each day brought out a new discovery to explore and explore she must. 

Hi there! My name is Eva Noxon and welcome to my own little corner of the internet, The Globetrotting Gypsy! Here is where I will share all of the travel adventures that I embark on and the things that I will inevitably learn along the way. Hopefully, this blog will inspire you to pursue your own travels and will be a helpful tool in guiding you to the best travel experience possible.


February 2017 was when I began this journey and left Texas for Barcelona for the first time. I lived there for three months and loved it so much, that I moved back five years later. This brings us to today! I now live in Barcelona permanently with my mom and sister. 

There were many things that happened in between that grew my career experience and my confidence as a person moving throughout the world. Since leaving for Spain in 2017, I have traveled through 20 countries and hope to add even more to that list as the years pass. 


This is what has lead me to create this blog. What better way to enjoy and document my greatest passion than to create a community around it and share it to the masses. 


So if you find yourself here, welcome to the family! Now when you travel, you will never be alone! You have your friendly travel pal Eva to help guide you on your journey.

Yours Truly, 

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